Splatt Studios can work along side you to develop all you need for your media. Whether it be a complete business branding or a simple business card, Splatt Studios can create what you wish. I strive to listen and evolve to your objective. I'll take care of things you might forget and provide pleasing resolutions for your media. I got your back, Jack!


"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of a lifelong attempt to acquire it." 
~ Albert Einstein 
When I saw my first FX generated by a computer, I knew I had to learn. After analyzing the processes and learning the techniques, I recognized so much more. I discovered aspects of digital media and it's flourishing styles to continually appreciate it's ever changing manner. If you need something distinctive, particular or polished with any aspects of this world, I can develop your vision into something exceptional.

☪ I have over 25 years of experience in the print & digital media industry.

☪ I obtained a Degree in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Media in 2010.

☪ I continually assess my knowledge of software & hardware needed to elevate my skills.

☪ I embrace change and have a passion for any state of the art technology.


Small simple video capture to weddings, concerts, family time, I can discover what you wish and capture, edit and add whimsy.


Need simply a logo or fully branded media. Splatt Studios can bring your inspiration to perfection in print and digital media.


To discover your intention and principle thus expanding your style.

To develop a concept that

emulates your objective.

To capture the core of your vision.


Splatt Studios can create your website. Art, design, deploy, track, analyze and continuing maintenance. Or if you prefer, any level of involvement can be attained for your convenience.


Motion, Animation and story telling. I can forge your feelings and ideas into great connections.



A taste of some work.


Motion is indispensable!

While pictures are pretty and appealing, motion captivates your audience.

Motion will entice the observer with reverie and take your enterprise to the next level.

Video Animations

An animations using:

After Effects

Instructional Videos

Need to explain directions to your group?
Need to educate a crowd?
Need to post a tutorial? 

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Splatt Studios Creations

Want a great art piece for yourself or for a special gift?

Visit Splatt Studios Art Glass and peruse the art.

No big box here!

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